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The Hottest Penny Stocks to Watch

We pride ourselves knowing that most of the penny stocks we’ve been watching and sharing have popped shortly after our alerts. We’ve been researching, analyzing, and investing in penny stocks for over thirty years – which makes the difference when it comes to a penny stock barely posting gains, or blowing up. Instead of spending countless hours scouring the market, waiting for the next hot penny stock to jump out at you, remember that we have a team of analysts doing just that — so relax. Let us handle the heavy lifting!

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The Best Penny Stocks to Buy Today

Is your investment trigger finger itching? That’s good! Don’t be too hasty though. In between our group-selected penny stock alerts, our analysts comb the forums, chat rooms, social media, and any other avenue of ideas for investments. We try to update the best penny stocks to buy today as often as we can, so make sure you check the page often. The stocks we bring up may be highly under-viewed, which is the best way to have a successful day.

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Awesome Penny Stocks

When we say awesome penny stocks, that’s exactly what we mean. Awesome penny stocks! This covers (mostly) penny stocks that recently posted huuge gains, or dropped like crazy! We love to keep everyone informed about what’s going on in the market. SEC ban? Possibly! Be sure to check out the awesome penny stocks section.

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Penny Stock Day Trading

Are you new to day trading penny stocks? Well, in case you are, we have a group of talented fellas spending their off times writing all kinds of information about trading, buying, selling, or anything else that has to do with penny stocks. There’s  a wealth of knowledge about day trading penny stocks in this section, which is perfect for the beginners!

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Top Penny Stocks 2014

The top penny stocks of 2014 is a theme that we’re shooting to cover this year. Since the medical/legal marijuana boom, we’ve been seeing a ton of these penny stocks shoot up lately. At the end of each month, we love to report the standings of the top penny stocks that popped. Keep up with us!

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